Previous Committee Members

2018 - 2019

  • Mohamed Elfatih Abu-Median - Chairman
  • Nadir Elamin - Deputy Chairman
  • Muna Goraish - Secretary
  • Fakhry Mustafa – Treasurer
  • Asia Lessan - Academic Secretary
  • Nuha Dafalla - Deputy Academic Secretary
  • Omima Hassan - Cultural Secretary
  • ​Hana' Abushosha - Supervisor

Annual General Report

October 2017

The Sudanese Supplementary School, SSS, held its AGM on Saturday 21 October 2017 at St. Augustine's CE School and was attended by 68 members. The AGM opened at 11am and closed at 14.30 hours after passing the General Report the Audited Accounts and electing a new Parents Management Committee.  The SSS was set up in 1991 as a small Mother- Tongue class. On 21 September 1994, it was registered as a Charity No. 1040959. The SSS is one of the largest and most successful community schools in London with 180 pupils, aged 5 to 16+.

Parents’ Committee Members

2019 - 2020

  • Mohamed Elfatih Abu-Median - Chairman
  • Nadir M ElAmin - Deputy Chairman
  • Dr. Mohammed Bahari - Secretary
  • Fakhry Mustafa - Treasurer
  • Omima Hassan - Cultural Secretary
  • Muna Goraish - Academic Secretary
  • Sana Mohammed - Deputy Cultural Secretary
  • Kamal Al-Haj - Supervisor

Sudanese Supplementary School - London

Based at King Solomon Academy. Penfold Street, London. NW1 6RX

Pimlico AcademyLupus Street,London SW1V 3AT

Our Teachers

All teachers at the Sudanese Supplementary School are listed here

Sudanese Supplementary School - London
has been awarded the Gold Award in Supplemtary Schools,
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