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Sudanese Supplementary School - London

Based at Westminster Academy, Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, 255 Harrow Road, London, W2 5EZ

Pimlico AcademyLupus Street,London SW1V 3AT

We work hard to supplement the role of mainstream schools in teaching the core subjects of English, maths. and science as only 16% of students in Britain achieve GCSEs in them and either history or geography ( The Observer 18 Dec.2011). We should continue to strive to beat the wasted potential of our children from the less advantaged ethnic minorities. It goes without saying that bilingual students stand a better chance to advance their learning levels , boost their self-esteem and confidence and grasp opportunities to strengthen their skills , further their education and enhance their employability in a competitive environment.

Amongst our pupils and parents for example are recent arrivals from displacement camps in Darfur, Western Sudan. Three sisters of 10 ,12 and 14 years old are receiving one to one teaching by our trained teachers as they have never been to school in their war torn villages. This is one evidence of our efforts to promote social inclusion in addition to our regular ESOL and First Aid courses for parents , mothers in particular, in collaboration with City of Westminster College and Voluntary Action Westminster.

Our music , drama and folklore tuition group is very popular under the supervision of Nadir Ramzi , a graduate of Sudan Institute of Music and Theatre Studies 1993 , and Department of Sound Engineering , Westminster College 2003. The celebration of cultures and the arts is the most effective way to bring communities together and advance social integration and togetherness. We have organised several sports and cultural events , many in partnership with the Abdelkarim Mirghani Cultural Centre in Omdurman , Sudan whose Patron Dr. Mahmoud Salih has kindly provided us with a host of leading artists and drama groups from home.

Marking 100 years of Women Education in Sudan we organised a large cultural show of music ,dance and drama in 2007. The event was attended by more than 900 people in Camden Town Hall. while Ethiopian ,Eritrean and Nigerian folklore groups and foreign friends of Sudan joined the celebration.

The Sudanese Supplementary School enjoys very close relations with a number of charities, voluntary organisations and Non- government educational and social services groups in the U.K. and in Sudan.

They include the following:

In the U.K:
  1. Sudan Volunteer Programme
  2. One Westminster
  3. Paddington Association of Supplementary Schools (PASS)
  4. KCW Health Authority.
  5. National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE)
  6. City of Westminster College, Paddington Green.
  7. North Kensington Video& Drama Project
  8. St. Mathew Church, Bayswater, London.
  9. Westminster Play Association.
  10. Mendola Sudan Cuisines, London
  11. Sudanese Community & Information Centre, London
  12. FORWARD for African Women Health,U.K.

In Sudan:
  1. Abdelkarim Mirghani Cultural Centre.
  2. Ahfad University for Women Childhood Development Centre.
  3. Elbashir Elrayah Public Library
  4. Amipharma Medical Laboratories.

Sudanese Supplementary School - London
has been awarded the Gold Award in Supplemtary Schools,
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