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Congratulations Ahmed Bedri, MBE

Founder Sudanese Supplementary School and Sudan Volunteer Programme. For services to Education.

Sudanese Supplementary School - London

Based at Westminster Academy, Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, 255 Harrow Road, London, W2 5EZ

Pimlico AcademyLupus Street,London SW1V 3AT

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The Sudanese Supplementary School - SSS - was set up in 1991 as a small Mother- tongue class. On 21st September 1994 it was registered as a Charity No. 1040959. The SSS is one of the largest and most successful community schools in London with 235 pupils , aged 5 to 16+ , including 119 girls and 116 boys. Due to our continued growth in size and reputation , the School has been oversubscribed every year and we had to move premises from Hallfield Primary School, Queensway in 1994 to North Westminster Secondary , and later to City College Paddington in 1998 and to King Solomon Academy in 2018. One of our top priorities is to provide lessons in GCSE Arabic, English, Mathematics and General Studies in support to the National Curriculum. We also engage the pupils and their teachers and families in music, sporting, cultural and recreational activities within a secure educational framework. The chief stakeholders are the children and their parents and community associates. The direct beneficiaries of our services total about 600 people coming from nearly all the Greater London Boroughs with more than 45% from most of the 20 wards of Westminster.

The SSS has done very well over the years, a 100% Pass rate in GCSE Arabic exams achieved annually with most of our candidates scoring A* , A and B grades. In the English Language and Literature GCSE exams last year , out of a class of 27 students , seven gained Grades A* or A, 4 had B while the rest got satisfactory results. A good number of our students are in full-time higher education , some in top universities and others have pursued fulfilling academic or professional careers. The Youth Factor Network , a voluntary group organised by a number of our former students is in partnership with us on mentoring , career development , cultural events and sports tournaments. ( Please visit www.theyouthfactor.co.uk).

Sudanese Supplementary School - London
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